Creating a Remote Desktop Report (RDP Connections) with WebSpy Vantage

This article walks through the process of using WebSpy Vantage to create a comprehensive Remote Desktop Report by extracting information about remote desktop sessions (RDP) from your firewall log files. I’m using Firewall logs from Microsoft Forefront TMG, but you could just as easily use logs from other firewalls, such as the packet filter logs from Sophos UTM, or connection end events from Cisco ASA. The general process is the same. Let’s get started.

Renewing Your WebSpy License

When you register your WebSpy subscription license, the software will advise you how many days you have left on your current contract. When the contract expires, the software will stop at the splash-screen in the loading process. You will need to contact your WebSpy representative or reseller to purchase a subscription renewal in order to continue using the software. Once your subscription renewal has been processed by the WebSpy team the software you will need to request a new Unlock Code for your installation in order for it to continue working.

Registering WebSpy Vantage Ultimate – Step by Step

This is a guide for new customers to register their WebSpy Vantage Ultimate software for the first time. The process requires a few simple steps which will be outlined below, followed by some troubleshooting options if you get stuck along the way.

Lessons learned from a hacked Twitter account

If you follow @WebSpy on Twitter, you would have received a very strange Direct Message (DM) from us yesterday. Something along the lines of “rofl this you?” or “you’re on this vid!” or “I found you on here!”

Unfortunately, the WebSpy Twitter account fell victim to a phishing scam, and as a result sent phishing spam to all our Twitter followers. We are embarrassed by the incident and we apologize to all of our followers, especially the ones that clicked the link in the DM and were caught by the phishing scam themselves.

Here’s a rundown of the event in the hope that it will help others know what to look out for.

Notes on E-Security Development

Today, I had the pleasure of attending Western Australian Internet Association’s first (out of four) breakfast events. The main topic on the agenda was E-Security and a panel of expert, representing commercial, government and educational bodies, were there to shed a light on the latest developments.

Unlocking the Value of your Log Data. 10 tips to help you get started

This is a popular WebSpy article that we decided to re-post. Click here to download pdf version. What can log data do for you? Organisations today are deploying a variety of security solutions to counter the ever increasing threat to their email and Internet investments. Often, the emergence of new threats spawns solutions by different …