What is Productivity?

A lot of the sample reports that come with WebSpy Vantage have a section of the report for Productivity, so what does this mean and how can you customize it?

Video: Reporting on Keywords Typed Into Search Engines

In this video we will look at how to report on the search terms that users have typed into search engines. You can also view this information in a text article here: http://www.webspy.com/blogs/index.php/reporting-on-keywords-typed-into-search-engines/

Vantage Update

Release Date: 3rd April 2013 Changes since Log Formats: Apache: Alteration to Apache IBM format (duration field) Astaro: Fixed Date/Time field (time missing) ContentKeeper: Added support for new ContentKeeper syslog format IronPort: Added Ironport W3C format IronPort: Fixed Bounce Mail detection & importing IronPort: Renamed Ironport ‘C350 mail’ to ‘C-series mail’ IronPort: Improved C-Series …

Reporting on Keywords Typed Into Search Engines

WebSpy Vantage is able to report on the search words that users typed into search engines. This article will show you how to create a report that shows this information or add it to an existing report template.

Increase Report Speed : Reduce What You Import

Vantage is designed to import everything from your log files, but if you are not interested in looking all of the fields available, then this could be slowing down your reports.