Convert Microsoft ISA 2006 MSDE logs to WebSpy compatible text logs

A few customers have experienced some issues converting their ISA MSDE logs to text format using Microsofts MSDEToText.vbs script for ISA 2006. We’ve therefore created a modified version of the script that creates compatible log files for WebSpy software.

Video: How To Remove Clutter From Your Web Reports

I was conducting a demonstration the other day on how to use a few tricks in WebSpy Vantage to filter out noise and clutter from web reports. If you have ever looked through the raw list of web sites visited by people in your organization, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Watching a single video on YouTube will probably generate a list of about three to five sites such as,,, and so on. Your list of top sites also probably contains hits to ad servers and tracking servers, such as, and All this clutter gets in the way of determining what sites were ‘intentionally’ visited.

Forefront Threat Management Gateway Beta 3 Now available

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog regarding Microsoft’s upcoming Beta 3 release of Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) which will be replacing Microsoft ISA server. Well, it’s now been released and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

Enhancement to the Sophos Loader in Analyzer

We’ve made a modification to Analyzer’s Sophos loader so that it takes the value from the action field to determine blocked/allowed.

The fix can be applied to WebSpy Analyzer Giga 2.3, Analyzer Premium 4.3 or Analyzer Standard 4.3

Counting Emails with Microsoft Exchange 2007 Tracking Logs

Today I’ve been poking at Microsoft Exchange 2007 tracking logs, asking them the very simple question of ‘How many emails have I sent?’.

Unforunately, Exchange 2007 tracking logs are not used to simple questions, and are likely to return a complicated and / or misleading answer.

But the confusion it seems, all comes down to definitions. Once you understand these definintions, things start to make a bit more sense.

How to report on who accessed a file or folder

I’m frequently asked about the best way to setup and report on file or folder accesses. In other words, I have a bunch of confidential files sitting on my network and I want to know who is accessing them. So here it is (you might want to grab a coffee first!).