Vantage Video Series: #6 Registration

This is the sixth of a series of videos showing you how to configure Vantage in detail. This video covers registering Vantage and the Web Module. WebSpy Vantage Ultimate – Registration from Fastvue on Vimeo.

Vantage Video Series: #5 Organization Setup

This is the fifth of a series of videos showing you how to configure Vantage in detail. This video will cover the Organization section of the software, showing you how to import your users and groups from Active Directory / LDAP. WebSpy Vantage Ultimate – Organization Module from Fastvue on Vimeo.

Vantage Video Series: #4 Profiles & Site Categorization

This is the fourth of a series of videos showing you how to configure Vantage in detail. This video follows on from #3, and will cover the Profiles section of the software, and how to use site categorization. WebSpy Vantage Ultimate – Profiles from Fastvue on Vimeo.

Running Multiple Instances of Vantage

In the latest Vantage auto-update (, we’ve included an experimental feature to allow multiple instances of WebSpy Vantage to run on the same operating system. The goal here is to run reports at the same time using multiple instances of the application. To do this, we have also include a second experimental feature to disable …

Vantage Update (Exchange 2010, Juniper and IronPort Traffic Logs, and more)

We have released an automatic update for the Vantage range of applications. This update includes some new loader formats, an experimental feature as well minor fixes and improvements. Of note, this release includes full support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 Tracking logs (previously supported with the Exchange 2007 loader, but missing a few fields), as well …

5 Top Tips for Safer Social Networking

Majority of our social networking tips and ‘How to’ articles are aimed at organizations managing and reporting on network traffic to improve online safety at work. This time around I thought I share some tips focusing on how individuals can ensure they’re being smart and safe when engaging in social networking activities. Hopefully these tips …

Creating and Analyzing SonicWALL Log Files

I’ve put together a couple of quick videos to show you how to configure logging on your SonicWALL appliance, and how to import and analyze these log files in WebSpy Vantage. You can also read through these steps on this page: Analyzing SonicWALL log files with WebSpy.

Reporting on Astaro Security Gateway

Astaro Security Gateway devices are capable of producing some very detailed log files including full URLs, usernames, categories, block action and reason which gives you some great reporting options in WebSpy Vantage. Take a look at our dedicated Astaro pages to get an idea of what can be achieved when analyzing Astaro Web Gateway log …

Who should take the responsibility for Adolescent Cyber Bullying?

I just read a long, but rather interesting, article on adolescent cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is legally defined as repeated harassment online, although in popular use, it can describe even a sharp-elbowed, unwarranted swipe online. We all know kids can be cruel because they often lack the maturity and empathy to understand the emotional ramifications …

How much do IronPort WSA Appliances eat?

If you are thinking about deploying IronPort Web Security Appliances you probably want to plan how much disk space to budget for with regards to logging and reporting. Every organization is different with regards to the volume of logs it creates, but I’ve averaged three data sets submitted to us by customers to produce the …