Internet Monitoring Best Practices – 10 Valuable Tips

The benefits of allowing employees monitored Internet access, instead of extensive blocking and filtering, have been explored in previous blogs. In essence, an effective monitoring solution will assist in maximizing employee productivity, identifying download issues, improving network management and minimizing litigation risks. Something of great importance is taking the users of the network you intend …

WebSpy User Survey – The Why, How and What Behind Internet Monitoring

We recently completed the analysis of our latest software user survey. It is always very exciting to review the results from such a survey since it is one of the best indications on why clients are using our software, where our strengths lies and what we can improve.

Social Media – The Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution?

I just came across something I wanted to share. recently posted a very powerful video, “Social Media Revolution”, highlighting figures from Erik Qualman’s book on how social media transform the way we live and do business. Being a part of industry, it comes as no surprise that the popularity of social media is rapidly …

Increase importing speed by utilizing dates in log file names

Using Date Modifiers in file masks are a great way to increase the speed of your imports as they remove all the logs you don’t care about from the import list.

If you’re using WebSpy Vantage, you are probably interested in filtering your log file imports by date (only import files from the month of June for example). The obvious way to do this is to specify a date filter using the filters page in the Input Wizard. The problem is Vantage will still check every record in every log file being imported to see if it matches the date filter. If you have months or years worth of logs in the folder being imported, that’s a lot of data that Vantage has to pointlessly sift through.

The good news is, if your log files contain the date in their file name, then you can use file masks to instruct Vantage to never touch these unwanted files.

Video: Setup a complete Internet monitoring solution in less than 15 minutes!

Here’s a video I put together demonstrating how to get up and running with a complete monitoring and reporting solution in less than 15 minutes. The video demonstrates three products: WebSpy Sentinel, for complete data capture, WebSpy Live for real time alerts, and WebSpy Analyzer Standard for analysis and reporting.

Convert Microsoft ISA 2006 MSDE logs to WebSpy compatible text logs

A few customers have experienced some issues converting their ISA MSDE logs to text format using Microsofts MSDEToText.vbs script for ISA 2006. We’ve therefore created a modified version of the script that creates compatible log files for WebSpy software.

Video: How To Remove Clutter From Your Web Reports

I was conducting a demonstration the other day on how to use a few tricks in WebSpy Vantage to filter out noise and clutter from web reports. If you have ever looked through the raw list of web sites visited by people in your organization, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Watching a single video on YouTube will probably generate a list of about three to five sites such as,,, and so on. Your list of top sites also probably contains hits to ad servers and tracking servers, such as, and All this clutter gets in the way of determining what sites were ‘intentionally’ visited.

WebSpy: The Origin and Controversy of the Name

The year was 1996 and young(ish) CEO, Jack Andrys, was racking his brain to come up with the perfect name for his business. It was the early stage of the Internet evolution with a shy number of 36 million users, 0.9% of the population. Not much compared to today’s staggering number of 1,596 million users, …

Vantage 2.2 now available!

I’m happy to announce the release of Vantage 2.2! All three products in the Vantage range (Premium, Giga and Ultimate) have been update with the following features:
Multi-processing, Improved report styles, Updated Aliases and Profiles, Storage Repair Utility, Save / Open Tasks.

Obviously, the multi-processing feature is the big one! Many of you (Vantage customers) have been running Vantage on multi-core or multi-cpu machines and just dying for Vantage to grab hold of the CPUs and make them work. You should be happy with this new build.