Counting Emails with Microsoft Exchange 2007 Tracking Logs

Today I’ve been poking at Microsoft Exchange 2007 tracking logs, asking them the very simple question of ‘How many emails have I sent?’.

Unforunately, Exchange 2007 tracking logs are not used to simple questions, and are likely to return a complicated and / or misleading answer.

But the confusion it seems, all comes down to definitions. Once you understand these definintions, things start to make a bit more sense.

Using Date Modifiers in File Masks – New Features

We’ve recently added two new features to WebSpy Vantage (all flavours) to deal with a specific issue setting up automated importing tasks using date modifiers in file masks. A common setup is to have a task that creates a storage each month, then a separate task that runs at the end of each day – …

How to report on who accessed a file or folder

I’m frequently asked about the best way to setup and report on file or folder accesses. In other words, I have a bunch of confidential files sitting on my network and I want to know who is accessing them. So here it is (you might want to grab a coffee first!).