WebSpy Targets Online Shopping Sites to Boost Sales

WebSpy today announced its intent to push the sales of internet reporting solution, WebSpy Analyzer Standard, through online software resellers and download sites.

WebSpy has joined forces with e-commerce service provider Avangate to make their new online purchase platform available for other parties. By registering as a WebSpy Online Affiliate, software resellers are able to incorporate Avangate’s e-commerce links into their websites and receive commission from every sale, directly or indirectly, linked from their site.

Disabling time synchronization between guest and host in Microsoft Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC synchronizes the time between the guest and host operating systems. This is great until you have the need to set the clock forward or backwards in your VM, as it snaps back to the current time after about 5 seconds. I went hunting through the options in the Virtual PC UI but didn’t find anything related to disabling this option. A bit of googling later and I’ve got it disabled by adding a few lines of XML to the .vmc file.

Counting Emails with Microsoft Exchange 2007 Tracking Logs

Today I’ve been poking at Microsoft Exchange 2007 tracking logs, asking them the very simple question of ‘How many emails have I sent?’.

Unforunately, Exchange 2007 tracking logs are not used to simple questions, and are likely to return a complicated and / or misleading answer.

But the confusion it seems, all comes down to definitions. Once you understand these definintions, things start to make a bit more sense.

WebSpy Launches New Global Partner Program

WebSpy has today announced further strengthening in the dedication to its channel with the launch of its new global partner program. The partner program is available to distributors and resellers globally with a particular focus on European channel development.