Video: Reporting On A User

This video tutorial will look at the best report templates to use when reporting on an individual user, and how to set up filters to select the right user. You can also view this information in a text article here:

Video: Filters

This video tutorial covers the filters dialog and all options related to filtering in Vantage. You can also view this information in a text article here:

Increase Report Speed : Reduce What You Import

Vantage is designed to import everything from your log files, but if you are not interested in looking all of the fields available, then this could be slowing down your reports.

How To: Reporting On File or Folder Accesses

This article is designed to provide information about reporting on file and/or folder access. Confidential files that require protection generally require a sophisticated end point security or file auditing solution, however Microsoft provides a Windows Security Event log that can be configured to report on this information.

Why there is so much anonymous traffic in Microsoft TMG and ISA logs

One of the most common questions we get asked by users of Microsoft TMG and ISA is why there is so much traffic attributed to the Anonymous user. Even though unauthenticated access to the web has been disabled, they still see the ‘Anonymous’ user as one of the top users in their reports. So let’s …