Aliases are awesome. See why you should use them!

What is an Alias? As defined by Google, in computing terms, an alias is: An alternative name or label that refers to a file, command, address, or other item, and can be used to locate or access it. When it comes to WebSpy Vantage, an alias takes log data that does not make sense and …

Vantage Update

Release Date: 3rd April 2013 Changes since Log Formats: Apache: Alteration to Apache IBM format (duration field) Astaro: Fixed Date/Time field (time missing) ContentKeeper: Added support for new ContentKeeper syslog format IronPort: Added Ironport W3C format IronPort: Fixed Bounce Mail detection & importing IronPort: Renamed Ironport ‘C350 mail’ to ‘C-series mail’ IronPort: Improved C-Series …

Vantage Video Series: #5 Organization Setup

This is the fifth of a series of videos showing you how to configure Vantage in detail. This video will cover the Organization section of the software, showing you how to import your users and groups from Active Directory / LDAP. WebSpy Vantage Ultimate – Organization Module from Fastvue on Vimeo.

Useful LDAP Search Queries

Today I was asked how to filter out computer objects when importing your Organizational structure into WebSpy Vantage. The default LDAP query when you first run through the Import Organization wizard should filter these computers objects out. The query is:

Video: How to use WebSpy Vantage to report on IronPort log files

I’ve produced a video on how to use WebSpy Vantage to report on IronPort’s Web Security Appliance’s access log files. It is quite a detailed look at the key tasks involved in setting up and using WebSpy Vantage with IronPort WSA access logs, and is therefore divided into several parts. The videos take you through …