How to Categorize Search Terms Typed Into Search Engines

How to categorize search terms This blog article will look at how to use WebSpy’s Profiles to categorize the search terms that users have typed into Search Engines, and add this information to reports.

Management Employee Internet Reports – Enterprise Guidelines

Vantage Ultimate can be a very effective tool for generating useful management employee internet reports on Internet, email, and network activity in large organizations. Because large organizations generally have a large volume of log data to report on, here are a few guidelines to help make the reporting process as efficient as possible.

How to Report on Custom Logged Data by adding a Custom Field Node

Some log formats contain message fields, or other free-form fields which are not easily displayed in reports and summaries, so although these fields are imported from the log files, they are not displayed in the standard summaries when you run an analysis or create a report template. However, you can still add these fields to …

The Best Way To Report On Websites

There are many different ways to report on websites in Vantage, but how do you know that you have got all the hits for the site you’re interested in, and all of it’s sub-domains?

How to Create Anonymous Internet Reports in Vantage

To create anonymous Internet reports in Vantage you can the MD5 function to replace summary items with a unique MD5 sum, such as “294de3557d9d0b3d2d8a1e6aab028cf”.

Report Templates: What Goes In A Table?

A table in a report is not limited to just a single summary field, such as user or site or date, all of these can be included in a single table if you want them to.

What is Productivity?

A lot of the sample reports that come with WebSpy Vantage have a section of the report for Productivity, so what does this mean and how can you customize it?

Video: Reporting on Keywords Typed Into Search Engines

In this video we will look at how to report on the search terms that users have typed into search engines. You can also view this information in a text article here:

How To: Reporting On Categories

This article will show you how to report on categories of websites with WebSpy Vantage.