Renewing Your WebSpy License

When you register your WebSpy subscription license, the software will advise you how many days you have left on your current contract. When the contract expires, the software will stop at the splash-screen in the loading process. You will need to contact your WebSpy representative or reseller to purchase a subscription renewal in order to continue using the software. Once your subscription renewal has been processed by the WebSpy team the software you will need to request a new Unlock Code for your installation in order for it to continue working.

Registering WebSpy Vantage Ultimate – Step by Step

This is a guide for new customers to register their WebSpy Vantage Ultimate software for the first time. The process requires a few simple steps which will be outlined below, followed by some troubleshooting options if you get stuck along the way.

Google Claim 6.4% of Internet traffic. Help us put this to the test

According to recent report, Google has a record slice, 6.4%, of the world’s Internet traffic. An accurate figure? Well, we wanted to put this claim to the test and therefore started off by investigating the share of WebSpy’s traffic to Google sites. We also encourage our Vantage and Analyzer users to do the same thing …

Advantages of using WebSpy with Cisco IronPort – New Video

WebSpy has been working closely with Cisco and the IronPort team over the past few years to develop what we believe is the most intuitive, flexible and fastest reporting solution for Cisco IronPort users. We’ve just completed our ‘WebSpy Reporting for Cisco IronPort’ video. Although this video is aimed at the Cisco channel we’d thought …

80% of Cyber Attacks are Preventable

“If network administrators simply instituted proper configuration policies and conducted good network monitoring, about 80 percent of commonly known cyber attacks could be prevented.”