Vantage Update

Release Date: 3rd April 2013

Changes since

Log Formats: Apache: Alteration to Apache IBM format (duration field) Astaro: Fixed Date/Time field (time missing) ContentKeeper: Added support for new ContentKeeper syslog format IronPort: Added Ironport W3C format IronPort: Fixed Bounce Mail detection & importing IronPort: Renamed Ironport ‘C350 mail’ to ‘C-series mail’ IronPort: Improved C-Series Mail to import more C370 & C650 logs IronPort: Fixed some Ironport object out of bounds issues (WSA format) IronPort: Altered Ironport WSA schema so that groups are now a string list Juniper: Added Juniper SRX loader Smoothwall: Improved Smoothwall Guardian 3 support Sonicwall: Improved site information for Sonicwall loader Symantec: Added Symantec Cloud loader

Reports: Fixed Template string casting issue

Aliases/Organization: Fixes/Improvements to LDAP ​Added: LDAP SSL Altered: LDAP radio box removal (Microsoft by default or Novell via settings) Altered: LDAP quick queries LDAP type UI added in options dialog Added new LDAP catches to allow for better error messages

Tasks: Fix: Input reader now checks for null schemas (task file not opening task) Fix: Resolve IP tasks; selection of schemas from a yet to be created storage

Web Module: Fixed char / problem in web module permissions Fix: WM Test Permissions UI Fix: common dll for WM login

General: Added trace logging on/off option in the application Added trace log UI; 1) Open Tracelog location. 2) Email it to support Added more trace logging Added email SSL support Added Tool tip for ftp input Added skip line back in default xml database input Fixed system configuration trace logging Updated copyright to 2013

Stefanie van Amerongen

Support Manager at WebSpy
Stefanie handled all WebSpy suport and customer relations for over 10 years. Although Stefanie sadly no longer works at WebSpy, her useful blogs and tutorial videos live on!

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