Microsoft ISA Server Reporting

10 Reasons to Use WebSpy Vantage for your Microsoft ISA Server Reporting

WebSpy’s software transforms the raw data in log files into manageable information, providing a transparent view over organizational Internet, email and network usage. The software can import and analyze more than 200 log formats from many different vendors. WebSpy’s solutions are unobtrusive, scalable and available in different ranges to suit any organizational size or budget.

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Vantage Summaries, Drilldown

  1. Feature Import screenshot

    Vendor Neutral

    In addition to Microsoft ISA Server reporting, using ISA Server logs, WebSpy Vantage can report on more than 200 log formats from different vendors. This means WebSpy users only need one application to achieve all reporting requirements, spending less on software maintenance, hardware and administration.

  2. Aliases screenshot

    Logically Group Users & Sites

    Using aliases such as Departments or Usernames, web traffic can be broken down into logical reporting units, which enables easier analysis of data. WebSpy Vantage easily Import user and department information from any LDAP compatible directory server using the “Import from LDAP” wizard (including Microsoft® Active Directory and Novell® eDirectory).

  3. Search terms screenshot

    Investigate User Browsing Intent

    WebSpy’s solutions are able to demonstrate browsing intent on websites. Analyze search terms, user sessions and resources downloaded to gain insights on ‘why’ users are browsing.

  4. Profiles screenshot

    Customizable Website Categorization

    WebSpy can classify web sites based on a comprehensive set of customizable keywords. With WebSpy Vantage’s Microsoft ISA Server Reporting you can categorize your own sites easily by adding your own unique keywords based on content category (News, Entertainment, Adult) or appropriateness (Work Related, Non-work related).

  5. Filter screenshot

    Filter out Irrelevant Traffic

    WebSpy Vantage’s Microsoft ISA Server Reporting solution can filter data that may otherwise skew results. Pop-ups and website sub-domains that can affect the accuracy of browsing behavior can be easily filtered out or aliased, giving you a far more accurate picture of how the web is being used.

  6. Policy-Based Microsoft ISA Server Reporting screenshot

    Policy Based Reporting

    WebSpy’s solutions can selectively monitor and report based on your organization’s guidelines, ensuring privacy for compliant users. Through the use of exception based reporting, or queries such as “users with sessions longer than 30 minutes,” the solutions provide information on only those users who have breached the usage policy.

  7. Reports screenshot

    Flexible & Customizable Reporting

    Choose from a comprehensive list of web, email, network and security reports or create your own custom report templates. Reports can be generated in HTML, Microsoft Word, CSV, Text formats or using a web module (see point 8 below). Create separate report documents for each user, department, date or any other logged item.

  8. Permissions screenshot

    Securely Distribute Information & Responsibility

    WebSpy’s solutions allow you to securely distribute and share information with other staff members. Using WebSpy Vantage Ultimate’s web module, you can securely distribute reports and storages to department managers, who then have the responsibility of enforcing acceptable usage within their team.

  9. Tasks screenshot

    Automated Reporting

    Reports can conveniently be automatically produced on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis using WebSpy’s automated task scheduling.

  10. Drilldowns screenshot

    Powerful Drilldown Capabilities

    WebSpy’s solutions are able to provide drilldown capabilities on all traffic, enabling detailed analysis and reporting.

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