Web Activity Reporting for

Palo Alto Firewalls.


Thousands of businesses use WebSpy Vantage to deliver meaningful web reports automatically to HR, Department Managers and IT.

Match Palo Alto Log data to real users in Active Directory

Automate Internet Activity Reports for HR, Managers and IT

Reports you need, delivered to the right person.

Identify Real websites visited. Not every CDN, Ad, or background tracking pixel.

WebSpy Vantage is trusted by great companies worldwide, including:

Save hours of time each week, simply by leverage the log data already generated by your Palo Alto Firewalls.

Get more from your Palo Alto Networks Investment!

Import your organization from Active Directory or any LDAP Directory Server to easily map users to Palo Alto Firewall log data. Group users by Departments, Offices, OUs or any attribute. Create reports for each group, and control report access to managers.

Reports for your organization.

WebSpy Vantage's Aliasing system lets you group IPs into subnets, users into departments, error codes into descriptions, user agents into applications and more!  Display these aliased values in your report content, use them in filters, or for splitting reports into multiple reports.

Aliases. Because logs aren't pretty.

In addition to Palo Alto Firewalls, WebSpy Vantage supports over 200 log file formats from other network devices, such as Cisco ASAs, Microsoft Exchange, and even Windows Event Logs.

Report on the rest of your network too!

A single application for all your log reporting needs, saves you hours each week. 

"We have saved vast amounts of time in monitoring and analyzing internet activity and email usage. WebSpy Vantage is extremely user friendly and reports can be customized to the company's specific needs. WebSpy has become a vital tool within the organization, having numerous benefits for management, employees and customers alike."

The Getting Started Guide for Palo Alto Firewalls is shown after downloading.

- Richard Savage (DMZ Global/Sytec Resources Ltd)