Kogarah Council

Kogarah Council has been taking advantage of WebSpy software for more than 3 years. We run monthly reports for our management team. The internet usage reporting ensures that all staff stay on task while using our online facilities. WebSpy's log import facility is one of its best features. It saves a lot of time and is very simple to use. We are happy to recommend WebSpy software, particularly to other government agencies.
— Fab Zincone (IT Manager)

Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services, as part of the Tasmanian state government, has outsourced the management of our wide-area-network services, including proxies. While it is intending to have direct access to our own proxies in the future, at this stage we only have access to periodic internet usage logs. WebSpy has been a great tool for profiling and providing the management reports required. The tool is powerful and addresses both agency level and individual level reports but the level of detail extractable for business level groupings is dependent on the structure of the network address space. WebSpy have also provided good support and advice on issues for planning purposes.
— Kevin Stark (Manager, IT Infrastructure)

Aurion Corporation (HR Software & Services Specialist)

We were consistently exceeding our monthly data quota and consequently endured increasing ISP expenses. WebSpy's capabilities have provided us with accurate and in-depth reporting of web traffic across the company network and since implementing the software we have decreased our average monthly data activity by 40%. WebSpy has been an extremely valuable tool and I would recommend the software to any organization before increasing their data package. WebSpy might help them reveal ways of reducing traffic utilization rather than increasing expenditure to an ISP. Since purchasing the product, we have found that WebSpy have gone above and beyond the sale, and seem genuinely interested that we are getting ongoing value for our money using their product.
— Mark Missenden (Systems Administrator)

New Zealand Educational Institute

Here's how it has helped us this week: - On Friday of last week we discovered that our email address had been blacklisted apparently due to SPAM being sent from our server. I had the tech chap around, he looked at the logs and declared that all was good and perhaps the addresses were being spoofed. On the strength of this I got the blacklisting removed only for it to recur on Monday. Our ISP was adamant the traffic was coming from our site so if the SPAM was not going via our email server how was it going out? Using Kiwi Syslog we started logging the traffic on our Cisco router then pulled the logs into WebSpy Analyzer Premium. As soon as we did this we could see that there was a PC on our network that was sending an unusual amount of email traffic directly to the router, hence no record in the email logs. Thanks to WebSpy we were able to identify the PC immediately, pull it off the network and clean it up. We subsequently discovered that the virus had apparently disabled the anti-virus software on the PC and had been spewing out about 250MB of sludge every day since last Thursday. This will be reflected in our Internet bill at the end of the month plus the cost of the techo. An expensive reminder indeed! Also, our internet costs for last month were way up on normal so I looked at the logs for yesterday and found a user going to overseas on-line radio and video clip sites. We have learnt our lesson well here and will be relying on WebSpy from now on to curb these nasties.
— Steve Coates (Senior IT Officer)

East Ayrshire Council

We needed an analysis product that would produce several types of monitoring report quickly and efficiently. Our previous product was taking hours to produce each report, wasting valuable time and resources. We also needed a product that would integrate with our Active Directory, creating users groups from existing groups on our domain. We decided to install the trial version of WebSpy and haven't looked back since. The drilldown feature is excellent, taking just minutes to produce the statistics you need. The reports are fully customizable and can be emailed, saved to file or published to a website. You can even schedule the product to import new log files and produce reports on a weekly / monthly basis without any intervention at all!  Two thumbs up.
— Ian Aston

DMZ Global/Sytec Resources Ltd

Sytec Resources have been using WebSpy since late 2004. Since installing WebSpy's software, Sytec Resources have saved vast amounts of time in monitoring and analyzing internet activity and email usage. The software is extremely user friendly and reports can be customized to the company's specific needs. WebSpy has become a vital tool within the organization, having numerous benefits for management, employees and customers alike.
— Richard Savage

Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management – Netherlands

We wanted to investigate and report on Internet usage and media streaming. WebSpy's software enabled us to monitor Internet browsing behavior and produce detailed url and user based reports. We use WebSpy's software every week and especially value its analysis and storage features. We would recommend WebSpy to larger organizations wanting to understand exactly how their Internet resources are being utilized
— Willem van der Schaft (Network Administrator)

Code Masters

We needed accurate reporting of web usage and the ability to analyze where our bandwidth was going. WebSpy Vantage has allowed us to understand exactly what the internet bandwidth is being used for and I particularly value the solution's report features. I recommend Vantage to any organization that is looking to understand how their internet resources are being used.
— Jonathan Humphrey (IT Director):


I am currently working with a large corporate customer in South Africa to track down the source of Conficker internet infection attempts. We are heavily using Webspy for this. I start off with the Alert from the ISP then work back through our Forefront TMG logs to narrow down the pool of potential machines. Once i get down to a managable amount of potential machines i export the IP list from WebSpy and plug it into nMap. We then scan the potential machines and normally we get a hit for a Conficker infected machine. Without WebSpy we would literally be poking around in the dark…
— Etienne Liebetrau

City of Blue Mountains

The City of Blue Mountains use WebSpy to monitor staff Internet usage to ensure that usage complies with our Internet Usage Policy. The software helps us to pinpoint what specific users are doing online during office hours. The report generation and the ability to drill down through information is very effective and time saving. Some of the results from these reports have lead to certain abused sites being blocked, which has decreased unreasonable non-business Internet usage and the associated costs. This also keeps employees on task, thus increasing our productivity. All in all, we have found monitoring Internet usage by staff during working hours beneficial.
— Warwick Purdy

Private School France

A few months after the implementation of our Internet service, we realized that our users (students) were visiting a large proportion of inappropriate Websites. Our blocking tool is not effective enough to block the access to those specific websites without blocking legitimate education websites. By using WebSpy software we are able to identify the source by several ways (hour, class, room, etc...). The software is very easy to use.
— Network Security Administrator

Westbourne Grammer School

We use WebSpy software on a daily basis and find it to be very beneficial. WebSpy gives us valuable reports on student's web and email usage. We use these reports to discuss any concerns or misuse with parents or teachers. WebSpy is very user friendly and easy to customize to our specific needs (eg monitoring the length of time a student has been using the web). The ability to monitor and clearly report on all internet and mail traffic is something every educational facility should utilize.
— Justin Mijares (Systems Engineer)

Woodford House

We use WebSpy each month to prepare reports of activity which we use for billing purposes and to answer any user queries; particularly from parents. As a boarding school, we allow personal access to the Internet and on-charge for data. WebSpy software allows us to open our Internet connection so that students and teachers can use the internet as a learning tool, in the confidence that we know what content is being accessed. It gives us confidence that the internet is being used as intended.
— Robin Hicks (Network Manager)